Positioned at the intersection of Media and Technology, we promise to capture, connect and engage audiences on-the-move, deploying disruptive innovations modules.
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About Us

What We Do?

Cloudyfi is a technology company offering the most advanced Wi-Fi location marketing, advertising and analytics platform in the market. Our job is simple, connect people with great businesses. Transform your WiFi into Cloudyfi’s Social Hub & make marketing plug and play. Customers log into your WiFi in with a social media account and instantly receive rewards, coupons, and emails based on their visits. We know relationships start on premise, let us help you build them.

Most leading marketers are struggling to grab the attention of their consumers, and to reach them at the right place and the right time.

Cloudyfi offers a new way of logging in for your visitors, simple, easy and quick, directly from their any Social Media account or e-mail.

You receive customers data (Age, Gender, Location) and create a database to get in touch with them every time with Cloudyfi.

Use the in-built tools of our Cloudyfi to automatically send out promotional coupon to your customers and attract them to do more business.


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