Positioned at the intersection of Media and Technology, we promise to capture, connect and engage audiences on-the-move, deploying disruptive innovations modules.
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Captive Portal

Captive Portal

Cloudyfi will give you data for everyone who logs in. not just contact details, a smart tool which give you birthdays, relationships, hobbies and more. Powerful data collection means smarter marketing, laser-targeted adverts and e-mails, and offers that sell.

Social Media Login

If we say, now people eat, sleep and breathe social media, everyone will agree with me, so there is no other easy way to login.

Customer Login Forms

Cloudyfi is an efficient tool for gathering customer data. During the login process you can obtain your desired customer data. This knowledge allows pinpoint planning of marketing communication for your business.

Staff Login

With Cloudyfi, you can regulate the hassle-free Internet access for staff members, allow them to connect without restrictions, and you can put or lift any restrictions, this can be completely different than your normal customer network.


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