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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Cloudyfi comes pre-built with standard email templates. Whether sending out a promotional voucher or a newsletter you don’t need to design it from scratch. You can create your own e-mail campaign or customize existing ones.

Email Campaigns

An email marketing strategy is best part of your overall marketing strategy and business plan. It helps you market your special discount, upcoming products or keep in-touch with your consumers, this is the best way of making a profit and reaching out to your customers.

Triggered Emails

One of the defining features of Cloudyfi automation e-mail platform is the ability to send triggered e-mails, automated email messages sent in response to a customer activity.

Email Targeting

Cloudyfi provides a fully integrated email marketing solution. Target previous visitors, interest groups, and specific demographic statistics based on the campaign parameters. Maximize engagement by interacting with your customers on business location.


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