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Cloudyfi for Hotels

Hoteliers face stiff competition and advertising challenges, and it’s critical to include new technology and marketing methods to continue to exist in an increasingly aggressive marketplace. focused on your message to the proper people on the right time is ever more important. without correct consumer information, this can be a challenge. The upward push of Social Media in current years has given agencies new approaches to connect with their clients and present their brand over more channels.

Imagine a world where you may check-in to any hotel in a chain and connect easily with WiFi, while not having to finish lengthy forms or having to leap thru hoops to get on-line. These days, that is precisely how we need WiFi to work.

With Cloudyfi you provide a high valued service when people stay far from home, both on business and pleasure, so making your lodge a more appealing place to stay.


What Cloudyfi Offers?

  • Boom your Fans on Facebook page! so you advertise your business to your consumers, their buddies and circle of relatives. You send also ship visitors a discount voucher thru the system to their social media account so that all in their friend list can see it.
  • Sensible up-selling sports with internet Coupons can help you up-sell ancillary offerings on your clients during stay (e. g. offering beverages or meal promotions on your restaurant, discount on next stay, promoting the word of mouth reminding guests to market your property to their friends).
  • Profile your clients by way of using the demographic records connected to their social media account with Social Analytics and send them personalized offers and promotions through the e-mail advertising to tempt them to book for every other stay.
  • With Survey seasoned you ask your customers how they felt and what they want subsequent time, checking out the first-rate of your offerings and new merchandise or sports to get useful guidelines to improve it in real time.
  • Collect information with advanced records you already know the quantity of your internet. you know how many users are connected each day, their age, gender and nationality to send them an effective commercial based totally for your best target, specifying city, gender and age of customers to whom the marketing is direct.


What’s More?

  • Presence Analytics analyses the client’s behavior when you start a new initiative, their loyalty degree and the way they react to offers and promotions to find the handiest advertising method.
  • With outside link you may sell products and services thru external link to your web pages offering more information for your customers.
  • With Spot news customers might be usually up to date approximately all maximum critical information and climate gives up to date climate condition up until one week to manage your days at your best.
  • Locations informs your customers approximately places of interest around you, to advise for your clients the first-class manner to enjoy their stay.
  • Nearby permits you to advertise some point of interest near you. You can integrate it with online discount Coupon and Geo Chat that allows end-users to interact among them and send them personalized promotional ads.
  • Pin-up is a virtual note-board that lets in you to put up personal texts and any sort of advertisement, promotion or events, and promote them immediately on your splash portal.
  • Instant prize Win allows to end-users to play on-line and to know who the winner in real time is! You establish rules and regulations, time validity and prizes of the competitions. It is very useful, for example, to market a new product or service to make your customers learn it.

Keep in mind that with Cloudyfi all of your WiFi customers can ‘Like’ or ‘follow’ your business, so promoting you to all their buddies or colleagues. In case you suppose people are increasingly more motivated by online recommendations, you may imagine how vital is to acquire good feedback with the aid of your customers and apprehend the way to improve your offerings.


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