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You might keep in mind the early 2000s: a time when people start using “mobile” and cell phones and they become more accessible to public. Nokia and Motorola released products that could actually fit in your pocket, and utilizing the web on your phone was the stuff of nightmare given the costs related with per minute access.

As the concept of using data to access the internet became more widely acknowledged, 2G was the primary innovation that permitted individuals to really begin browsing the internet. At the time, and it’s difficult to accept, the internet was hardly optimized for mobile viewing, load time was unpleasant, and it was amazingly troublesome to navigate.

In comes 3G/4G/5G, and our now beloved Smartphones became the mini computers we know now. With this came a move within the way we work. All of a sudden, you’ll oversee trade from anyplace. Working from home, whereas helpful, was not continuously the finest choice, particularly in case you didn’t have an office or assigned work space.

As a result, those who needed to work remotely, but not from home, begun seeking out for places where they may get to free wifi.

They sit on your business place for longer periods of time, which will create their affiliation with your business and increase loyalty, in return you will get their data, for fetching customer data you need our help, Cloudyfi will assist you to achieve your marketing goals. We provide solutions to all industries Restaurants & Cafes, Hotels, Shopping malls, Transportation, Education institutes, venues and Events and many more.


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