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Network Monitoring

Network Monitoring

Having information about visitors' demographics is only one part of learning about customers. What smartphones brand do they usually use? What is their primary operating system (iOS, Android, Window or other)? Will you need to adjust your website to be mobile friendly? Are they having difficulty connecting? All that information can easily be acquired with Cloudyfi.

Notifications & Alarms

We don’t want you to miss a single thing that happens in any business place that you manage. That’s why we created an detailed system of alerts, which notifies you about any devices enabled or disabled in your network.

Device Detection

Identifying what devices are connected to your network is important for several reasons. Most importantly, it allows you to differentiate between the various hardware components your visitors using.

Network Protection

Security is most important, and we know it well. All traffic moving through Cloudyfi is encrypted, assuring safety of our networks and devices. Our service has integrated filters that disable hideous and illegal content, as well as potentially dangerous P2P connections.


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