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Cloudyfi for Restaurants

Customers expect free WiFi anyplace they move, and this consists of restaurants. You might imagine that people ought to be eating as opposed to updating their social media profiles, but the truth is that nowadays internet-savvy purchaser calls for an internet connection always. How else are they going to Instagram their lovely meal on your restaurant?

Restaurants face stiff competition, there is often a big preference in any city centre. From an advertising angle, getting the message thru to the proper individual is crucial. So how do you cut thru the noise? without correct customer information, this may be a challenge. The rise of Social Media in current years has given businesses new methods to connect to their customers and present their brand over more channels.

Cloudyfi is a modern Social WiFi solution that will pay for itself generally over via connecting you with your clients and imparting you the right way to monetize your WiFi.

Free Social Wifi on your commercial enterprise encourages customers to remain at their tables longer, they order extra foods and drinks which permit you growth their general spend and you can send special offers and promotions to them in real time.

We provide solutions additionally for massive restaurants, Cafés that need wider coverage, but this doesn’t effect the cost in comparison to the wide variety of your clients.

Cloudyfi enables you to multiply an additional value with the aid of encouraging present customers and their friends and circle of relatives to go to you more times once more.


What Cloudyfi Offers?

  • Increase your fans on Facebook page! So you advertise your business to your consumers, as well as to their buddies and own family.
  • Sending special offers and promotions in real time when you want to promote food and beverage products thanks to online coupons/vouchers.
  • Profile your customers from the demographic information attached to their social media account with Social Analytics and send them personalized classified ads through email advertising and marketing.
  • With Survey Pro you may ask your consumers how they felt and what they want next time they visit, checking out the quality of your services and new products or activities to get beneficial hints to improve it in real time!
  • Accumulate statistics! With superior statistics you understand the variety of your internet. you understand how many customers are connected each day, their age, gender and home town to send them an effective advertisement based on ideal target, specifying city, gender and age of clients to whom the advertisement is direct.


What’s More?

  • Presence Analytics analyses the consumer’s behavior when you start a brand new initiative, their loyalty degree and the way they react to offers and promotions to discover the most effective advertising strategy.
  • With external link you can promote and sell products and services via outside link on your website pages supplying more information to your clients.
  • With Spot news clients could be continually updated about all most crucial news, and weather that gives up to date climate situation up until one week to manage your days at your best!
  • Places informs your customers about places of interest around them, to propose to your clients the best way to enjoy their stay.
  • Nearby allows you to market some point of interest nearby you. You can integrate it with online Coupon and Geo Chat that allows end-users to interact among them and send them personalized advertisements.
  • Pin-up is a virtual note-board that permits you to post private texts and any kind of advertisement, promotions and events and advertise them immediately on your splash portal.
  • Instant Win allows to end-users to play on-line and to know who got the prize in real time! You establish rules and regulations, time validity and prizes of the competition. It is very useful, for example, to market a new product to make your customers know it.

Remember the fact that with Cloudyfi all of your WiFi users can ‘Like’ or ‘follow’ your business, so promote you to all their friends and co-workers. If you think people are increasingly influenced by online recommendations, you could imagine how important is receiving positive word of mouth via your customers, and learn how to improve your services.


Start Your Adventure Now!

Using Cloudyfi for your business is easy, simple and quick. Most of the time there may be the possibility to keep the cost to a minimal because the entire local can be covered by way of simply one WiFi router.


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