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Cloudyfi for Transportation

Due to the fact, the transport of tomorrow ought to be grew to become to digital, free WiFi on board is the main asset which will increase the satisfaction of your customers by promoting your services.

Cloudyfi offer has already attracted many companies who believe in us. Cloudyfi is available for buses, coaches and trains. Cloudyfi for transportation is the perfect way to add value to clients in mobility. Cloudyfi makes useful to offer your customers with a new WiFi experience service at the same time as travelling with you.


What Cloudyfi Offers?

  • Increase your fans on Facebook! so you advertise your business in your consumers, as well as to their buddies and family.
  • Sensible up-selling activities, with discount Coupons, sending last minute special offers to visitors which they’ll share with their Facebook buddies and Twitter followers, so you promote your organization to a higher number of people.
  • Profile your customers from the demographic data attached to their social media account with Social Analytics and send them customized offers and promotions thru e mail advertising to indicate them how to move throughout their journey.
  • With Survey pro you ask your clients how they felt and what they need next time, testing the quality of your services and new products or activities to get useful recommendations to enhance it in real time.
  • Collect information with superior data you know the wide variety of your net. you already know how many users are connected each day, their age, gender and nationality, sending them a powerful advertisement based in your best target, specifying town, gender and age of customers to whom the advertisement is direct.


What’s More?

  • Presence Analytics analyses the clients behavior when you start a new initiative, their loyalty degree and the way they react to offers and promotions to discover the handiest advertising and marketing approach.
  • With external link you can promote services and products through external link to your web pages presenting extra information to your customers.
  • With Spot news customers may be always updated about all most critical news, and weather gives updated weather circumstance up till seven subsequent days to manage your days at your best.
  • Places informs your customers about places of interest round you, to recommend to your clients the excellent way to experience their stay.
  • Nearby permits you to promote some point of interest near you. you could combine it with internet Coupon and Geo Chat that lets in give up-users to interact among them and ship them personalized ads.
  • Pin-up is a virtual notice-board that allows you to post private texts and any sort of marketing, promoting and event and promote them directly to your splash portal.
  • Immediately Win permits to end-users to participate in online competitions and to know who’s the winner in real time! You establish rules and regulations, time validity and prizes of the online competitions. it’s far very useful, as an instance, to entertain travelers throughout their journey.

Remember that with Cloudyfi all of your WiFi customers can ‘Like’ or ‘follow’ your commercial enterprise, so selling you to all their buddies or colleagues. If you assume people are more and more encouraged by means of on line recommendations, you can imagine how vital is to get hold of appropriate feedback by way of your clients, and recognize a way to improve your offerings.


Start Your Adventure Now!

The usage of Cloudyfi for your business is straightforward, easy and quick. Also in movement, we will offer you the high-quality solution at a low price.


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